Why it is Best to Use an Experienced North Carolina Divorce Attorney

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Charles Ullman of Charles R. Ullman & Associates, PLLC dicuses why it is important to hire an experienced Raleigh divorce lawyer.


Interviewer: Why is it important for someone to hire an attorney rather than a mediator or somebody else to handle the case?

Charles: In my opinion, having a divorce attorney that’s helped you through this and get started with it, they’re the person that’s most qualified. By most qualified, I mean that they are the most familiar with the laws that affect you and your family. They’re the most familiar with how many cases have settled in a particular way that are similar to yours. They’re the most familiar with what would happen in a court room if you and your spouse couldn’t agree on a particular issue or several issues.

And why I think that helps you get the best result with a lawyer is it help you determine where that triangle of reasonableness is, which is one point on the triangle being the law, one point being what would other people in my situation settle for or have settled for, and the final point being if we just could not agree, what would likely happen in a court? That’s the triangle.

Those three points make a triangle, and I call that the triangle of reasonableness. And I think attorneys are uniquely qualified to help you with that. Certainly other people can help you with issues with your spouse for counseling. They can help you with determining your financial needs. But as far as how to piece all that together, I think lawyers do that best job of that.

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