Guest Post — What is a Child Custody Evaluation?

Going through a divorce is definitely a stressful situation. However, when child custody is involved, your stress level can multiply. Confronting the fear of losing custody of your child is a true nightmare. Parents must consider the possibility of losing precious time in their child’s life and missing out on the many memories that are inevitable where children are concerned. Child custody fights can be intense, and a child custody evaluation may be utilized by the court system to help in determining who should be given custody of a child.

In some cases, a child custody evaluation may be conducted by a court-appointed psychologist. The psychologist conducts the evaluation in order to gauge how capable an individual is in parenting a child. While the court system may consider the information contained in a child custody evaluation, it is not the sole consideration in a child custody case. The evaluation alone cannot be used as a basis to grant or take away any rights regarding child custody.

Make sure to be yourself during the evaluation. Be honest and open in answers to all questions. Try to provide organized documentation of everything that pertains to parenting the child. Keep complete records of school grades, medical care, pictures of your residence, and pictures of fun activities in which the child is involved.

All this information will help to portray you in the most favorable light in regards to parenting.

Keep an activity/appointment calendar. Provide a copy of this calendar during the evaluation. The calendar can include any activities that the child is participating in (sporting practices, play dates, etc.), appointments, and family trips. It helps provide proof that you are a responsible and involved parent in your child’s life.

Parenting, while stressful and exhausting at times, is an extremely rewarding job for a mom or dad. With child custody evaluations, it is very important to provide solid evidence that you will be a good parent. This evidence is critical for the psychologist to note in order to complete an accurate evaluation. Following these suggestions will help to ensure you have a positive outcome with your child custody evaluation.

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