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Charles Ullman of Charles R. Ullman & Associates, PLLC discuses his love for helping others.


Interviewer: Charles you really do love your work.

Charles: I enjoy it. I enjoy meeting people. I enjoy helping them. There’s so many different facets that we’re able to come in and help people with, and that’s in terms of how we settle it be it attorney’s talking, be it formal mediation, or even court when that’s necessary. And I enjoy seeing people go from that dark day to a happier day, and I enjoy being part of that process. And a lot of times people will have a lot of fear coming in, or they’ll have a lot of problems coming in. And if we can eliminate some of the fear, if we can eliminate some of the problems, if we can make a better place for you and your family going forward, if we make sure you are involved with your children, that you’re finances are resolved in a way that both parties can live with, and move on; that’s a great feeling.

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