What it Means to Win a North Caroina Divorce Case

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Charles Ullman of Charles R. Ullman & Associates, PLLC discusses what it means to win your North Carolina divorce case.


Interviewer: When it comes to winning a case, what do you consider victory? What do you consider a win for your client?

Charles: When I look at a divorce case, the first thing I would tell any client coming in is that there is not a win, and that’s on individual issues and that’s on the overall situation. Your marriage is at a state that is not going to work anymore. If there are children involved that means they’re going to be raised in two separate homes. So I’m very careful. If someone comes to my office and says, we’re going to win, then we very clearly go through what that means to them and explain to them that my philosophy, my thought, would be no one wins.

Interviewer: So, if they come into your office saying, “I want to take my spouse for everything they have,” you have to temper that a bit?

Charles: Sometimes people will come in with the expectation that they’re just going to take their spouse for everything, and what we have to go back to is what we call the triangle of reasonableness, which means that if there’s a presumption that property is 50/50, what is it that we’re going to do to get around that? How is it that we’re going to get every single asset? We also have to get around, is that simply coming from an emotional point that you’re hurt, you’re disappointed, and it’s more of a retaliatory statement. Because a retaliatory statement and retaliatory course of action on your part is just going to increase your misery, your fees, and how long you have to spend in my office before we get it settled.

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