Most Important Things to Consider When Thinking of Ending Your Marriage

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Charles Ullman of Charles R. Ullman & Associates, PLLC discuses what the most important thing to consider is when someone is thinking of ending their marriage.


Interviewer: What is the single most important thing someone should be considering as they’re thinking about ending their marriage?

Charles: I think first off would be to make sure where you are emotionally with it in the process. Are you certain that you want this? And then after that we want you to go ahead and begin looking at financial information that’s available to you in the home, and getting a copy of it.

So bank records, retirement accounts, salary information, all those things will be relevant in determining child support, determining spousal support, or property division. So financial records really are important, and once you’re out of the house, it’s a lot harder to get a hold of those things.

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