Vania S

I had the fortune of having Charles Ullman represent me. Mr. Ullman is proficient in all aspects of Family Law. He is compelling and effective in the courtroom. It is a great feeling walking into a courtroom with a superior attorney, and an amazing feeling walking out with a judgement in your favor. We went to court several times, and he won every time. He was fair and diligent in negotiations. The staff at Ullman and Associates are extremely intelligent, and will do a better job than any other firm you will find. They are all very honest in their billing. Do yourself a favor, and hire Charles Ullman before your Ex does.

- Vania S

Rishi M

Charles is knowledgeable and professional. My assessment of his strengths are as follows:

– Provides good insights into asset division and custody arrangements
– Is to make sound arguments from the perspective of an opposing counsel when it comes to asset division and custody
– Is knowledgeable in all areas of child support and custody.

I would whole heartedly recommend Charles as an attorney to anyone seeking family legal advice!

- Rishi M

Michael K

I’ve worked with the attorneys at Charles Ullman and Associates and am impressed with the level caring, knowledge of the law, and the best way to apply it to help their clients through a very difficult life transition. As someone who has worked as a consultant in the Family Law arena for years, I can say they are top notch.

- Michael K

Jon B

Charles R. Ullman and his team are an amazing group of people. While going through trying times they made this process efficient and handled it with the utmost professionalism. He has amazing people working for him, Amber, Roz, Matt, and everyone else was extremely enjoyable individuals and as a team they are extremely amazing at getting results. Very responsive and willing to work day and night for there clients. I would strongly recommend this business to anyone who needs this service and wants the best representation during those difficult times.

- Jon B


Charles Ullman understands what you’re going through and will be on your side the whole way through should you decide to hire him. I can’t recommend him and his firm enough.

- G B RN

M Brintle

From start to finish, Charles and his staff handled my case very professionally and competently. I am satisfied with the results we achieved and would definitely recommend Charles and his staff to anyone need consultation or representation regarding matters of separation and divorce.

- M Brintle

Laura Passner

When my husband and I separated I went to Charles to draw up the separation agreement. Charles and his staff were absolutely wonderful. He was professional and knowledgeable yet also compassionate and caring. He listened to my concerns and desires for the agreement and would advise me appropriately. I felt like he protected both me and my children. When my husband and I reconciled Charles rejoiced with me but had some wise and shrew advice to protect us as we moved ahead with the reconciliation. Separation wrenches the lives of everyone involved apart, Charles and his staff helped us have some stability during that time.

- Laura

Katie Richmond

Charles has helped me twice over the past 6 years. The first time, he helped me get my daughter back when things looked bleak. Everything has been wonderful since, and he even helped me out again last year with a child support issue. He is not only a great lawyer he is a great guy, very personable. He will always be my attorney of choice.

- Katie

Sara Baker

Going through a divorce is never easy especially when you have children. When I came to Charles practice that first day I automatically felt a sense of comfort and that everything was going to be okay.

- Sara

John Leithead

Charles Ullman & Associates is certainly the best law firm in all of North Carolina. I had a very difficult and challenging divorce case, that required a keen knowledge of the law, as well as a dedicated commitment to achieve the best outcome. Charles Ullman provided all of this, and more.

- John