5 Helpful Divorce Blogs

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For far too many married couples, divorce is one of the hardest decisions to make. Whether the decision is mutual or one spouse becomes the catalyst for the life changing decision, divorce can be emotionally and financially painful. Often, a soon-to-be ex-husband or wife is left wondering, “What’s next?”

Whether the recently divorced spouse is seeking advice on how to tell the kids, how to deal with finances, or how to deal with divorce after years of marriage, there are blogs with the perfect balance of informative, helpful, and personal touches that attempt to make the process of divorce a little bit easier.

Blogs about Divorcing with Children

Children are often caught in the middle of divorce. The custody battle can be emotional, exhausting and downright “nasty.” Divorcing parents truly want what’s best for their children, but often do not know how to go about dealing with divorce, let alone divorce and children. Parent bloggers, with personal experience, can make the whole process a little less daunting.

Since My Divorce

Mandy, founder of SinceMyDivorce.com, wanted to write a book after her divorce. She thought that publishing her post-divorce achievements would empower others. Rather than writing a book, Mandy’s focus shifted to blogging about other people’s experiences with divorce. Mandy shares many stories, some her own, that focus on a range of topics pertaining to divorce, several about parenting and divorce.

For example, her interview with Helen shows how difficult, yet important it is for both parents to remain “in the picture” if possible. Helen struggled with her ex and his indecisiveness toward their children and visitations. For parents dealing with Court Appointed Visitations or a Guardian Ad Litem, this particular post could offer some helpful advice.

Mandy offers advice from a personal perspective while including therapeutic and professional advice on divorce when appropriate; a “real” look at divorce.

Perils of Divorced Pauline

Through the toughest of times, sometimes we need laughter. Pauline of PerilsofDivorcedPauline.com, went through a tough divorce and an even tougher custody battle. In her words, “he got pretty much everything except for my sense of humor and most of my marbles.” Pauline’s posts are entertaining, yet heartfelt and real. She talks about custody battles, parental alienation, co-parenting, having children with special needs and even starting anew and becoming a step-mother. Any recently divorced or longtime divorced parent can related to at least one of Pauline’s posts, while finding humor and truth in her experiences.

Divorcing and Finances

The divorce process can be expensive. As a married couple, you most likely shared money, other assets and expenses that will now have to be split. Financial advice is helpful, but not everyone has the benefit of a financial advisor. Reading a blog on helpful financial tips in regards to divorce is a good place to start.

Divorce and Money

Divorce and Money answers a myriad of financial questions that can come up while going through a divorce or after a divorce has been finalized. Tracy B. Stewart, of College Station, Texas, has 34 years of experience as a CPA and has worked with numerous Texas Divorce Lawyers. While much of Tracy’s advice is geared for Texas couples going through a divorce, the general information is helpful.

Whether a newly divorced spouse is struggling through a new year of taxes as a divorced parent or is unsure how to seek spousal support, Tracy answers questions with a professional, yet personal flare. Who better to seek financial from than a Certified Public Accountant with decades of experience?

Financial Divorce Plan

Divorced couples often wonder about what to do with their shared home or how to deal with finances after the divorce has been finalized. Loretta Hutchinson, the President and Founder of Financial Divorce Plan, specializes in advising individuals before, during and after divorce. She addresses common financial issues with concise and well-thought out, yet easy to follow answers.

Whether a couple is considering the financial ramifications before divorce or how to deal with post-divorce financial gains and losses, Loretta’s helpful advice can help a divorced individual decide if financial issues can be tackled on their own or if finding a financial advisor may be advantageous.

Divorcing for Older Adults

Many couples divorce after decades of marriage. Some split after the children have left home and the two “empty nesters” realize they have nothing in common anymore. Divorcing as an older person can have additional stressors such as reclaiming an identity and learning to earn money again. Many seniors who divorce face the fear of no retirement benefits or not knowing how to go about purchasing a home, after co-owning one with a spouse for many years.

Divorced at 50

She was “married to her best friend for 32 years,” writes the blogger of Divorced at 50, and suddenly faced a divorce. As an older woman, she struggled to find information for newly divorced individuals in her age group, as many self-help books and general advice is focused on divorced individuals at least 20 years younger. Her aim was to “split amicably, with civility and humor and with my dignity intact.” Divorced at 50 focuses on one’s well-being while going through a divorce.

While she doesn’t offer “professional” advice on finances and similar topics, her insights into re-creating oneself as an older, single person offers comfort to those who are going through a similar experience. She is frank about discussing her fears of growing older with the possibility of a marital status of single. She has taken her painful experience of divorce and turned it into a positive, informative experience where newly divorced individuals of any age, but especially seniors, could find a sense of camaraderie.


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