Charles R. Ullman & Associates Offers a Child Support Calculator

Charles R. Ullman & Associates offers an online child support calculator to help parents in North Carolina estimate reasonable child support payments.

Child support can be a point of contention for couples who are dissolving their marriages. Whether you are paying or receiving child support, it is important to have a general idea of what is considered fair and appropriate support.

This online calculator on the website of Charles Ullman & Associates can provide helpful estimates applicable to most circumstances in North Carolina. Child support is a financial obligation shared by both parents.

The dedicated Raleigh child support attorneys at Charles R. Ullman & Associates help parents negotiate child support agreements and assist clients going through the mediation process to reach support agreements. Child support needs may change over time, and Charles R. Ullman & Associates helps parents obtain a modification of a child support agreement based on changed circumstances.

Child Support Calculator Benefits

By entering information about parental income, the number of children, the type of custody arrangement and child-related expenses of the mother and father, you can use the calculator to obtain an estimate of the amount of child support payments that the parent or parents may owe based on the N.C. child support guidelines.

The child support guidelines apply to parents whose combined gross annual income is less than $300,000 per year ($25,000 per month).

The court will use a child support worksheet based on the type of child custody arrangement. The factors that the court will use to determine the amount of child support include both parents’ incomes and potential incomes, the child’s expenses for daycare, medical care, education, food, clothing and shelter, and the accustomed standard of living of the parents and child. Rather than requiring equal support from both parents, the court considers the relative ability of the parents to pay support and the needs of the child.

Every family has different issues to consider. The legal team at Charles R. Ullman & Associates consists of experienced and compassionate family law attorneys who are committed to helping clients settle child support issues. The firm assists both men and women who need help with a child support issue.

With their extensive experience, the child support lawyers at Charles R. Ullman & Associates have a detailed knowledge of North Carolina family law and understand the rights and protections contained in the law. The attorneys help clients with child support arrangements to ensure that their rights are protected.


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