Charles Ullman Discusss Why He Chose To Be A Raleigh Family Law Attorney

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Learn more about me, my firm, and why I chose to work in the field of family law.


My name is Charles Ullman, and I was born in Burlington, but I grew up in the Raleigh area. I went to school here and went to Campbell University in Buies Creek. I decided to get into family law because I saw a need. Family law has increasingly become specialized over the years. We have our own family law court in Wade County and it deals with nothing but domestic cases, 5 days a week, 52 weeks out of the year. We have four judges that are assigned to it permanently and that is the type of thing that leads to a specialized practice and leads you to need somebody that specializes in this.

We do domestic work, and that’s the only thing that we do. Domestic work is custody, child support, alimony issues, property division. That’s what we do. When I talk to an individual who’s considering a divorce my philosophy is, “Let me see what the situation is as a whole. Let me try to identify your goals, what’s important to you, and let me assess based on your particular situation what’s possible and how it is that we might be able to help you get to your goals.”

The process to hire me as your attorney is very simple. Pick up the phone. Call our office. Speak with one of my assistants. Let them find a time that we can sit down and meet and discuss your unique situation. We charge a consultation fee, and during that consultation I’m going to try to find out what is bringing you in to our office, make sure that you’re educated about the laws that are applicable to your situation. Then we’re going to try to figure out, where do we go from here today? How can we help you get to a better place than where you are now?

On our website you’ll find a lot of information that’s going to be helpful to you. It’s a starting point. It’s going to explain to you about property issues, alimony, child support and custody. It’s going to have a link to the child support calculator. It’s going to help you get started. But it’s a wonderful resource and I hope you’ll use it.

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