Child Custody Schedules

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Decisions that affect children are usually one of the toughest aspects of a divorce in North Carolina. You probably hope for relief once the issue of child custody is resolved through an agreement between the divorcing spouses or after it is determined by the courts.

Unfortunately, many divorced parents continue to face problems and confusion regarding child custody well after the matter has been decided. Although a child custody schedule may appear simple at first, many surprise kinks can make carrying out the plan quite difficult.

Working with an experienced Raleigh child custody attorney can make the path smoother for everyone involved. At Charles R. Ullman & Associates, our law firm’s North Carolina State Bar-certified Family Law Specialists have helped many families deal with issues involving child custody schedules before they become a crisis.

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Child Custody Schedules Examples

When a Child Custody Schedule Becomes ConfusingYour child custody agreement or court order might look simple on paper. Perhaps it calls for a 50/50 split between mom and dad, or maybe it says dad will have the kids for four days out of each two-week period. No problem, right?

When “simple” child custody schedules collide with the complex realities of day-to-day life, it can become quite confusing which parent is supposed to have custody at what time.

For example, what happens when holidays enter the mix? What about summer vacations or track-out periods for students at year-round schools? How do these issues affect the child custody schedule you worked out with your ex-spouse or the visitation schedule the court put in place?

For example, say the father has custody of the children from Thursday through Monday morning every other week during the school year. Mom then has the remaining 10 days of the two weeks – a 4/10 split. This seems pretty straightforward, but let’s think about school vacations and holidays.

Perhaps dad gets custody for half of the track out-period for Christmas, all of Thanksgiving or spring break in a school year. Both mom and dad each have four weeks of summer vacation without interruption due to the other parent’s schedule, and the remaining three weeks are split up under the Thursday to Monday schedule as during the school year. How many overnights does the father have in a year?

This is an important consideration if the father in this example is paying child support. The reason is that the child support guidelines in North Carolina make an adjustment (reduction in the child support paid) if one of the parents has more than 123 overnights out of 365 days in the year.

Some child custody schedules add an additional level of complexity. For example, dad may have the children until the Tuesday morning return of school when Monday is a school holiday.

All of these exceptions to the general plan can make it very difficult to calculate the actual percentage of the child custody split. It can also trigger disputes between the parents over who has the kids for a certain period or whether a parent’s child support payments should be reduced because the parent who pays support has the children for more than 123 overnights during a calendar year.

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