Dori Talking About Divorce With Charles Ullman & Associates

Dori, a stay-home mother of six children compares her divorce to “open heart surgery with no anesthesia.” The only good thing? She had people at her side, including the lawyers of Charles Ullman & Associates, who helped and encouraged her through the traumatic event. “My case was resolved as peacefully as possible,” she said. “I’m just so grateful.”

Greg Talking About Divorce With Charles Ullman & Associates

Greg wanted out of a stressful marriage and sought the help of Charles Ullman & Associates in July 2008. “Charles was very personable and cared about me and my situation…. His team did a really good job in preparing before we went into court. Charles Ullman and his team were very experienced and very thorough….”

Advantages of Working With a Small Firm

Our dedicated attorneys and staff work as a team to provide you personalized, focused service. See why working with a small firm gives you an advantage.

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