The Divorce is Finalized, So How Do You Get the Word Out?

Any competent divorce attorney will advise you to avoid posting anything incriminating on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. But what happens once the divorce is over? Is it advisable to announce your divorce online?

According to an article in the Indianapolis Star, the opinions are divided. Some call the practice of announcing a split using social media a tacky one. Yet others concede that it’s a way to get the news out without having to deal with awkward conversations with acquaintances time and time again.

From a legal standpoint, you have the prerogative to use social media however you see fit. The reason divorce attorneys caution you against making comments about your soon-to-be ex or posting photos that could be incriminating during divorce proceedings is because anything you publish could be used as evidence against you in court. Once your matters are settled, however, the choice is up to you.

Legal and Emotional Implications of Social Media Use After Divorce

But that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s smart to do whatever you like without fear of legal consequences.

Consider this: Say you held off from posting pictures online that showed you “letting off some steam” at a bar or nightclub while your divorce was ongoing. If you were drinking excessively and behaving irresponsibly, your ex-spouse could still file a complaint over child custody or visitation once the divorce is finalized. Judges in North Carolina are responsible for determining the best interests of your children, and a substantial change in those circumstances could have devastating consequences.

If you simply want to announce your divorce online to get the news out there en masse, just be careful how you word it. Saying “I’m finally rid of that jerk” doesn’t really endear you among your peers or gain you their respect.

Navigating Post-Divorce Life: Use Social Media with Care

But some couples may find that a simple statement that it’s over will eliminate needless questions and even provide some catharsis. A mass announcement could also address the cultural stigma that many divorcees face – that they are somehow failures.

However you choose to proceed, remember that the post-divorce period is a time for healing and rebuilding. Don’t use social media as a way to dwell on the negative aspects of your marriage’s demise. That could be emotionally harmful even if there are no legal ramifications.

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