Child Custody Attorneys in NC

A Raleigh child custody attorney at Charles R. Ullman & Associates understands that determining custody of your children is one of the most emotionally charged parts of a divorce. Both parents will want as much time as possible with their children. They also will want to have a say in important decisions that affect their child’s life. Finding a solution that best meets the needs of all parties involved can be a challenge. But it’s a challenge that can be met.

At Charles R. Ullman & Associates, our law firm’s North Carolina State Bar-certified Family Law Specialists have helped divorcing parents throughout Wake County with their child custody issues. We have the skill, experience and compassion it takes to meet your goals.

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What Is Child Custody in NC?

Child custody is the set of rights and duties that parents share regarding their children’s general welfare, education, religion and medical care. Physical custody involves living with the child. Legal custody is the power to make decisions about the child’s life.

In most North Carolina divorces, one of the parents will assume physical custody of the child. The other parent will receive visitation rights. One parent may assume sole legal custody, or the parents will have joint legal custody.

If the parents agree to a child custody arrangement out of court, the arrangement is reduced to a parenting agreement or consent order that must later be approved by a court. This agreement must be thorough and contain clearly defined provisions. If child custody in NC is contested, a court will make the determination based on what promotes “the best interests and welfare of the child.”

Our Raleigh Child Custody Attorney Can Help You Reach a Child Custody Agreement

When negotiating a parenting agreement, the key is to craft an arrangement that is practical. It should allow both parents to maintain a meaningful and consistent relationship with their child. It can’t be generic. It has to address a family’s unique existing and future needs. Although the agreement can be as general or specific as the parties wish, a more specific agreement can reduce the risk of disputes down the road. These agreements often are reached with the assistance of a neutral figure in a process that’s called mediation.

The Raleigh child custody attorneys of Charles R. Ullman & Associates have extensive experience in working out satisfactory parenting agreements. We will make sure that the child custody arrangement in your case promotes your child’s best interests and protects your rights and goals as a parent. We will work aggressively to deliver the results you seek.

In a Contested Child Custody Case, Our Attorney Has the Expertise You Need

Raleigh Child Custody Attorney helps parents and children find agreements that work with them.If you cannot reach a private parenting agreement with your former spouse, our Wake County child custody lawyers can represent you in a contested child custody case in a courtroom. We can also assist you if a custody evaluation has been ordered.

We can help you to demonstrate to a judge that you will protect and promote the best interest of the child. We have experience compiling and presenting evidence that directly addresses the factors that a court will analyze to determine the child’s custody.

These factors include:

  • The parent’s economic situation and earning potential
  • The parent’s availability to the child
  • The parent’s physical, mental, emotional, moral and spiritual well-being
  • The parent’s caretaking ability
  • The parent’s home environment
  • The child’s bonding with other siblings.
  • The child’s preference

North Carolina family law does not give preference to one gender over the other, and unwed fathers may be eligible for visitation rights.

We can help you to obtain sole physical / legal custody or joint physical / legal custody of the child. If you are denied physical custody, we can work to secure visitation rights that will allow you to have quality parenting time with your child and allow your relationship to thrive.

We Can Assist with a Child Custody Modification

No child custody arrangement is permanent. Child custody is always subject to being modified. If you are not satisfied with your current child custody arrangement, contact Charles R. Ullman & Associates. We can put our skill and experience to work for you.

If you reached a parenting agreement with the child’s other parent outside of court, then the sole matter in a child custody modification will be to determine what arrangement will serve the best interests of the child. If the child’s custody resulted from a court order, then you will need to show “changed circumstances” that have adversely affected the child. If a child is in danger or being harmed, we can help you obtain an emergency custody order.

We can review your situation and determine how to best meet your child custody objectives.

We Help Grandparents Seeking Child Custody and Visitation Rights

In North Carolina, grandparents may seek child custody. In certain circumstances, the grandparents may be entitled to visitation rights.

To have standing to sue for custody of the child, the grandparent must demonstrate the unfitness of the child’s parents or show neglect of the child. Grandparents may be granted visitation rights if they can show that the child’s parents are in an ongoing child custody dispute and that visitation would serve the child’s best interests.