How to Clear Your Browser History/Cache

How to Clear Your Browser History-Cache

If you are using the Internet to find legal assistance, learn about restraining orders or otherwise find information that relates to domestic violence, it is a good idea to clear your browser history and cache. This ensures that your abuser will not able to learn about the websites that you have been visiting.

Clearing your browser history does not have to be difficult. Here are steps you can take to remove evidence of the sites you have visited for each different browser.

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firefox 2


Getting Legal Help

Remember, no matter what method you use to protect your browsing history, if there is a key logger or spyware installed on your computer, the person who installed this software will be able to see what you have done online.

If you are concerned about your health and safety or fearful of someone taking abusive action towards you for any reason, you should contact an attorney as soon as possible to learn about your options for a protective order (restraining order).


Learn more about how your online information may not be secure from your abuser: Legal Aid of North Carolina, Internet Safety Information.

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