Make a Donation to Fraternities4Family

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When you donate to one of the domestic violence agencies supported by Fraternities4Family, you make a meaningful difference in the lives of victims. Your donation will provide basic necessities they need to survive as they rebuild their lives, heal, and begin again.

Where Should Donations Be Sent?

envelopeYou can send your contribution directly to the domestic violence agency (and note it is for Fraternities4Family), or you can provide it to the men of your selected fraternity and they will deliver your donation to their partner agency.

Visit the page for your chosen fraternity and agency listed on the right. There, you will find the address information of where to send your donation. Some agencies have a donation page on their website so you can donate online. When that is the case, we provide a link to that page.

What Donations Are Most Needed?

If you were to leave your home right now with only the clothes on your back, what would you need to get through the next few days, or the next week? If you have small children with you, what are their needs?

chequeProviding your donation as a check made payable to one of the campaign’s domestic violence agencies allows for the most flexibility in how it is distributed. It may help fund the electric bill for a shelter, or the phone bill for a crisis line, or bread, peanut butter and jelly for a child’s sandwich.

visa logoDonations in the form of gift cards are also welcome. While Visa or MasterCard gift cards offer the most flexibility for fleeing victims to purchase basic necessities, cards from specific merchants are helpful, too.

pumpGas cards will help fuel a car better than an empty wallet. Gift cards from grocery stores, stores that sell essential goods for a home, or restaurants can help meet the needs of a family fleeing violence.

Who Will You Support?

Fraternities4Family is a friendly competition between the fraternities representing participating schools. The fraternity that raises the most funds will win this year’s campaign. Click the link below for the university, fraternity and domestic violence agency that you want to win the competition.

Help Spread the Word about Fraternites4Family in April!

hornYour generous donations are appreciated deeply, and you can help even more by spreading the word about our campaign. Please share on your social media a link to our main page so others can learn about Fraternities4Family. The fundraising competition goes only through the month of April, so we need your quick help.


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