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This campaign will broaden awareness about domestic violence on campuses and in communities. It will also raise funds for local domestic violence agencies that provide essential services to victims in their areas. Visit our Fraternities4Family page to learn more.

During the month of April, the fraternities at five North Carolina Universities listed on the right will compete to raise the most funds.

We need your help to make this a success! Spread the word by sharing a link using #fraternities4family so others can read about it, too. Your donations will make an important difference to victims who need support for a safe start to new lives.

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Watch the full WRAL story

WRAL video storiesTammy Donald of the Durham Crisis Response Center talks to a WRAL reporter about the important work of Fraternities4Family.

Jake LaRoe, Interfraternity Council President at NC State in 2014, speaks about his involvement in Fraternities4Family, the impact it has had, and why such a campaign is essential to the campus community.

Winston-Salem State, Greek Community& Next Steps Ministries

Winston-Salem, Greek Community

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Omega Psi Phi

Omega Psi Phi Fraternity is an organizational Brotherhood consisting of 750 chapters throughout the world. It is the first international fraternal organization to be founded on the campus of an historically black college founded November 17, 1911 at Howard University.

The name, Omega Psi Phi, was derived from the Greek phrase meaning, “friendship is essential to the soul.” That phrase was elected as our motto.

Our history is rich with notable Omega men recognized as leaders in both the public and private sectors. Omega Psi Phi men have been leaders in the arts, science, athletics, business, civil rights, and government at the local, national and international level.

Omega Psi Phi continues to flourish largely because of its founders – Edgar Amos Love, Oscar James Cooper, Frank Coleman and Dr. Ernest Just. The founders selected and attracted men of similar ideals and characteristics, which is why you’ll find that many of America’s great black men are or were Omega men.

Kappa Alpha Psi

Kappa Alpha Psi was founded January 5, 1911 on the campus of Indiana University at Bloomington, Indiana to sow the seed of a fraternal tree whose fruit is available to, and enjoyed by, college men everywhere, regardless of their color, religion or national origin.

Kappa Alpha Phi was realized by shared vision for some semblance of campus life by founders: Elder Watson Diggs, John Milton Lee, Byron Kenneth Armstrong, Guy Levis Grant, Ezra Dee Alexander, Henry Tourner Asher, Marcus Peter Blakemore, Paul Waymond Caine, Edward Giles Irvin and George Wesley Edmonds.

It is a fact of which Kappa Alpha Psi is justly proud that the Constitution has never contained any clause, which either excluded or suggested the exclusion of a man from membership because of color, creed, or national origin. The Constitution of Kappa Alpha Psi is predicated upon, and dedicated to, the principles of achievement through a truly democratic Fraternity.

Kappa Alpha Psi prides itself as being organizationally and administratively mature. It moves steadily toward a tomorrow of promise, productivity and influence.

Alpha Phi Alpha

Since it’s founding on December 4, 1906, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity has supplied voice and vision to the struggle of African-Americans and people of color around the world.

Alpha Phi Alpha was the first intercollegiate Greek-letter fraternity established fro African-Americans. It was founded by seven men at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY who recognized the need for a strong bond of Brotherhood among African decedents in this county. The visionary founders, known as the “Jewels” of the Fraternity, are Henry Arthur Callis, Charles Henry Chapman, Eugene Kinckle Jones, George Biddle Kelley, Nathaniel Allison Murray, Robert Harold Ogle and Vertner Woodson Tandy.

The Fraternity was initially served as a study and support group for minority students that faced racial prejudge, both educationally and social at Cornell. The Jewel founders and early leaders of the Fraternity succeeded in laying a firm foundation for Alpha Phi Alpha’s principles of scholarship, fellowship, good character and the uplifting of humanity.

Alpha Phi Alpha also recognized the need to help correct the educational, economic, political, and socials injustices faced by African-Americans and has long stood at the forefront of the community’s fight for civil rights through such leaders as: W.E.B Dubois, Adam Clayton Powel, Jr., Edward Brooke, Martin Luther King, Jr., Thurgood Marshall, Andrew Young, William Gray, Paul Robeson and many others.

True to its form as the “first of the firsts”, Alpha Phi Alpha has been interracial since 1945.

Phi Beta Sigma

Three young African-American male students founded Phi Beta Sigma at Howard University in Washington, DC, January 9, 1914. The Funders, Honorable A. Langston Taylor, Honorable Leonard F. Morse, and Honorable Charles I. Brown, wanted to organize a Greek letter Fraternity that would truly exemplify the ideals of brotherhood, scholarship, and service.

The Founders deeply wished to create an organization that viewed itself as “a part of” the general community rather than “apart from” the general community. They believed that each potential member should be judged by their own merits, rather than his family background or influence; without regard to race, nationality, skin tone or the texture of their hair.

From its inception, the Founders also conceived that Phi Beta Sigma as a mechanism to deliver services to the general community. Rather than gaining skills to be utilized exclusively for themselves and their immediate families, they held deep conviction that they should return skills to the communities from which thy come from. This deep conviction was mirrored in the Fraternity/s motto, “Culture For Service and Service for Humanity”.

Today, Phi Beta Sigma has blossomed into an international organization of leaders. No longer a single entity, members of the Fraternity have been instrumental in the establishment of the Phi Beta Sigma National Foundation, the Phi Beta Sigma Federal Credit Union, and the Sigma Beta Club Foundation. Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, founded 1920 with the assistance of Phi Beta Sigma, is the sister organization of the Fraternity.

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Next Step Ministries, INC.

next step ministriesOur Mission: Next Step Ministries provides battered women and their children with food and lodging in a clean and loving home atmosphere. We assist and encourage them to establish goals, improve life skills, and to obtain employment as they seek to take the “next step” in life. We maintain a peaceful home environment through the supervision of our resident manager. All services and daily necessities are provided free of charge until they are able to provide for their own needs.


Charles Ullman & Associates provides you respected, experienced and knowledgeable divorce and family law attorneys. You can trust us to help you through the legal process efficiently and effectively so you can transition to the next phase of your life. Our community involvement reaches beyond charitable support of important causes. We launched our own movement in Fraternities4Family and provide scholarships to able students in need.