The law firm of Charles R. Ullman & Associates is pleased to offer (4) scholarships in our Scholarship Essay Contest to deserving undergraduate and graduate college students who author winning essays on either the marital domestic violence or marital communications topics we have chosen.

The following are answers to questions you may have about the contest:

I have applied to a college or university as a graduate or undergraduate student but have yet to be accepted. Am I eligible?

No. The contest is open only to students who are at least 18 years of age and currently enrolled in a college or university located within the 50 United States or the District of Columbia. U.S. territories are excluded. You are eligible up until your graduation date from the college or university.

I am a foreign student. Am I eligible?

No. Students enrolled in foreign colleges or universities are not eligible.

I am an international student. Am I eligible?

If you are a graduate or undergraduate student currently enrolled in a college or university located within the 50 United States or the District of Columbia, you are eligible.

What about legal status? I am an immigrant and/or I don’t have a Social Security number. Am I eligible?

Essay winners must provide a Social Security number or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number to Charles R. Ullman & Associates for issuance of a 1099 Form where appropriate.

I just finished my last class. Am I eligible?

You will remain eligible up until your graduation date from the college or university.

Can I write more than one essay? For instance, one essay on domestic violence and another essay on marital communications?

No. You are allowed to submit only one essay.

What do you mean by a personal website or blog or an .edu website or blog? Do you provide this?

By personal website or blog, we mean a website or blog that you control. This could be a website or blog that features a .com, .net, .org, .us or other URL. An .edu website is a website where the URL ends with .edu. Your college or university may provide or sponsor this URL. Posting the essay is a contest requirement. We cannot provide instructions for posting your essay to the Web.

I do not have access to any website or blog. What should I do?

If you lack access to a website or blog, we suggest you ask someone you know who has a website or blog if you can provide a guest post on their website or if they can add a page for you. Many are willing to help students apply for a scholarship.

If the essay is posted on a website or blog that has advertisements on it, does that violate the rules?

As the Rules clearly state: No other links or advertisements can appear on the webpage or blog page where the essay is posted or published without express written permission of Charles R. Ullman & Associates. This is important to maintain the integrity of your essay so it does not appear “spammy” to the judges or the readers. If you want to include other links, please ask us by sending us the URL. We can give you an answer and, perhaps, permission. Send your request by email to scholarships@www.charlesullman.com.

How long do I have to keep the essay posted?

Winners must keep their winning essays posted on their own website or their school’s website or blog until May 31, 2014, or until their or their school’s blog or website is taken down (or altered by the school), whichever comes first.

Can I include references for my essay with hyperlinks to the respective sources?

If you have citations, you may include them without a link just as you would do for a standard print citation.

My school .edu website is password-protected. If I post my essay there, I would have to send you a user name and password in order for you to see my essay. Should I do this?

You must first check with the appropriate persons from your college or university. Contestants bear the responsibility for obtaining permission to post or publish the essay to any school-sponsored or provided website, webpage or blog.

Can I post my essay as a .DOCX file on my blog or just post it as an article?

Please post it in compliance with the Rules so it is accessed on the Web without any additional programming or software being required to access the essay.

Do I need to mail or email my essay?

No. Please do not mail or email us your essay. Simply send us an email indicating where your essay is posted on the Web (such as sending the URL).

Contact Us

If you have any additional questions about the Charles R. Ullman & Associates Scholarship Essay Contest, please send an email to scholarships@www.charlesullman.com, call toll-free or write to:

Scholarship Committee
Charles R. Ullman & Associates
109 S. Bloodworth Street
Raleigh, N.C. 27601

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