Apex Divorce Lawyer

A divorce is one of life’s toughest ordeals. You are likely experiencing emotional turmoil if your marriage in unraveling. You may be feeling stress and uncertainty about the right steps to take and where to turn. You need a compassionate family lawyer who cares about you and can provide dependable guidance based on many years of experience. Charles R. Ullman & Associates represents women and men in Apex who need legal help with family law matters such as preparing separation agreements, negotiating child custody arrangements, securing child support, divorce and distributing marital property.

Certified by the North Carolina State Board as a Specialist in Family Law logoAttorney Charles R. Ullman focuses exclusively on family law and is certified by the North Carolina State Board as a Specialist in Family Law. Charles R. Ullman & Associates has more than 20 years of experience representing family law clients in Wake County. Charles Ullman and his family law team will spend the time needed to understand your family situation and your goals and expectations moving forward.

Charles Ullman will guide you through the complexities of the separation and divorce process and make sure that you consider all the issues that need to be resolved. The family law attorneys of Charles R. Ullman & Associates, with an office in Raleigh, represent clients in Apex, Holly SpringsFuquay-Varina and across Wake County.

Why Hire an Apex Divorce Attorney?

At Charles Ullman & Associates, our mission is to help each of our clients deal with the many questions that arise during a divorce and reach a place where they have peace of mind.  Family law is the only practice area that we focus on. We understand that you are in a stressful situation if your marriage is no longer workable. We will treat you with compassion and respect.

You may have one or two issues that you are primarily concerned about such as financial support and covering your monthly expenses, or child custody and support. We will help you see the big picture and put all the issues in perspective.

We take the time to help clients consider each issue carefully, understand how North Carolina law applies and make educated decisions. Having successfully resolved many family law issues, we bring an informed perspective to the table. We explain how a Wake family law judge will view an issue if you and your spouse are unable to reach an agreement out of court. We will develop a plan of action for you to move forward and a timeline so you know how the process will unfold. That is the value of working with an experienced Apex family law attorney.

Types of Domestic Issues Our Apex Family Law Attorneys Handle

Our legal team at Charles Ullman & Associates provides representation in the following areas of family law:

Separation Agreements

If you live in Apex or anywhere in western Wake County, you would file the petition for a legal separation in Wake County District Court. As part of the separation, you and your spouse will need to draft an agreement outlining each side’s responsibilities such as payment of household bills, provision of child care, and responsibility for debts. It is important to see a knowledgeable attorney before you leave your marriage to understand your rights and responsibilities. Our legal team can help you work through all the important issues that a legal separation agreement should cover. If you and your spouse are moving apart, you have a number of important decisions to make. You should seek the counsel of an experienced Wake County divorce attorney who can help you make well-informed decisions about your future.


There are several different legal approaches to divorce in North Carolina. Whether the dissolution of your marriage will be achieved by mediation, arbitration, a collaborative process or through a divorce proceeding, our experienced attorneys can provide legal support to you throughout the process of petitioning the court for a judgment of divorce. Working with a knowledgeable divorce attorney from the start can help you achieve a positive outcome through mediation and avoid having to go through a contested hearing. We will stand beside you every step of the way.

Spousal Support

A spouse who has been dependent financially on the other partner during the marriage may ask for financial support or alimony. The types of support include alimony and post-separation support, which is temporary until a final judgment. In determining alimony, the court will take into consideration the length of the marriage, the age and health of the parties, the division of property and their earning capacity. It is advisable to discuss the financial considerations of divorce with a knowledgeable family law attorney.

Distribution of Assets

If you and your spouse cannot come to terms on a reasonable division of your property, then the court will decide how to divide the assets that you and your spouse acquired during your marriage such as a home, furniture, cars, savings accounts and pension. A fair distribution does not always mean a 50/50 distribution. Our knowledgeable attorneys at Charles R. Ullman & Associates can help you understand what will be viewed as marital property and what is separate property and how to protect what is rightfully yours.

Child Custody

t is best if you and your spouse can agree on who will have primary responsibility for care of your child after you separate. In North Carolina, both parents have certain legal responsibilities regarding their minor child. If you and your spouse cannot reach a parenting agreement, you can file a lawsuit seeking custody or visitation rights. The parents may have joint custody of a child, or one parent may have sole legal custody. You will be required to attend mediation sessions. If you and your spouse cannot reach a compromise regarding the care of your child, a family law judge may make a decision based on the best interests of the child.

Child Support

North Carolina child support guidelines are typically applied to decide child support based on the parents’ incomes. Our experienced attorneys can help you gather the financial documents the court requires and file a claim for child support court order as part of a divorce or as a separate action. Whether you are paying or receiving child support, if your financial circumstances change after a divorce, we can help you ask the court to change the terms of the child support agreement.

Domestic Violence

If you have been a victim of domestic violence including physical injuries, threats of harm, rape or sexual assault, the experienced attorneys at Charles Ullman & Associates can help protect you. Our knowledgeable Apex family law attorneys can seek a domestic protection restraining order, help you find a temporary shelter safe from threat of harm and help you find support services. We are ready to take the appropriate steps to protect you and your children. A court can issue a temporary restraining order immediately in a crisis situation, without the abuser being present. Our domestic abuse attorneys have assisted numerous clients throughout Wake County.

By clicking on the highlighted links, you can find answers to frequently asked questions and general information on a range of family law topics on our website.

Wake County Family Court

Wake County District Court has designated Family Law Judges who hear domestic matters for residents of Apex, Holly Springs, Fuquay-Varina and other Wake County towns and communities. The Wake Family Law Court operates from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Wake Family Court judges have special training to hear legal issues related to family law including separation and divorce, child custody, child support, alimony, division of property, domestic violence and termination of parental rights.

Family law is a specialized area of law with many issues to consider. It makes sense to work with a law firm that focuses solely on family law and works in this area of law every day.

North Carolina Domestic Violence Services in Wake County

Apex families may receive services for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault from

InterAct of Wake County, a non-profit United Way agency. InterAct has three 24-hour crisis lines and counselors are available any time to provide confidential counseling about your safety and offer resources.

InterAct Family Safety and Empowerment Center
1012 Oberlin Road
Raleigh, NC 27605

Apex Domestic Violence 24-Hour Crisis Hotline
866-291-0855 toll free

Sexual Assault Hotline
866-291-0853 toll free

Solace Center
The center provides nursing care and forensic evidence collection for female and male victims of rape and sexual assault, ages 16 years and older. Sexual assault survivors receive support from an InterAct advocate and a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner.
866-291-0854 toll free

Western Wake Crisis Ministry
1600 Olive Chapel Road
Suite 408
Apex, NC 27502

Western Wake Crisis Ministry offers support services to people in crisis in Apex and Holly Springs, including health and safety partnerships, financial assistance, and a food pantry to help families achieve stability in a supportive manner.

Apex and Wake County Law Enforcement

If you need emergency assistance to protect yourself from domestic violence in Apex, call 9-1-1 and give the dispatcher your location and a brief description of the situation. If you need non-emergency law enforcement assistance with a domestic matter, contact:

Apex Police Department
205 Saunders St.
Apex, NC 27502
Non-Emergency Phone: 919-362-8661

Danica Coleman
Domestic Violence Victim Advocate
Apex Police Department

Wake County Sheriff’s Department
330 S. Salisbury St.
Raleigh, NC 27602
Phone: 919-856-6900

Our Apex Divorce Attorneys Are Available to Help

If you need assistance with a domestic law matter, the family law attorneys at Charles R. Ullman & Associates are ready to help. We represent clients in Apex, Holly Springs, and throughout Wake County. Our compassionate legal team has a detailed understanding of North Carolina family law.  We will prepare a plan to achieve a resolution of your domestic issues while focusing on your long-range goals. We will provide trusted guidance to navigate the difficult decisions involving the dissolution of a marriage and help you move forward with peace of mind.


Charles Ullman & Associates provides you respected, experienced and knowledgeable divorce and family law attorneys. You can trust us to help you through the legal process efficiently and effectively so you can transition to the next phase of your life. Our community involvement reaches beyond charitable support of important causes. We launched our own movement in Fraternities4Family and provide scholarships to able students in need.