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Our Raleigh domestic violence lawyers list resources for people affected by domestic violence.

Domestic violence and abuse are widespread problems, and many people are insufficiently aware of them.

Did you know an estimated one out of every four men and one out of every three women have experienced violence from a partner at some point in their lives? These are staggering statistics, particularly considering that countless acts of domestic violence are never reported.

To help remedy this problem, Charles R. Ullman & Associates spearheaded Fraternities4Family, a statewide campaign that calls on fraternities throughout North Carolina to help raise awareness about, and ultimately bring an end to, domestic violence.

As a part of the program, fraternity men speak to their peers and others to promote healthy relationships and speak out against sexual and domestic abuse. Many fraternities have also conducted fundraisers to help raise money to support victims of domestic violence.

With fraternity men at the forefront of the movement, college students are gaining new insight into the damage domestic violence causes families.

Resources for People Affected by Domestic Violence

As it currently stands, not enough resources exist to provide domestic violence abuse victims with the support, resources and assistance they deserve. Thanks to the efforts of Charles R. Ullman and the fraternities involved in Fraternities4Family, thousands of dollars and countless supplies have been raised for local organizations to use in assisting people affected by domestic violence.

If you or someone you love has suffered violence at the hands of a partner or loved one, the following are a few of the resources you can use to help you once again feel safe, so you can get on with living your life:

How Charles R. Ullman & Associates Can Help

Being victimized by an individual you not only trusted, but also with whom you’ve had an intimate relationship, can cause a lot of painful emotions to surface. Whether your physical injuries are minor or severe, such abuse can often leave you feeling as though you must be somehow at fault, or that you are worthless.

That is not true. Domestic violence victims are just that, victims.

When another person causes you physical harm, you should seek help. The attorneys at our firm have years of experience providing legal counsel and assistance to North Carolina domestic violence and abuse victims. We understand how difficult and frightening these situations are, so we work diligently to help our clients move forward, get a new life and secure the protections available under the law.

From filing for protective orders to helping you gather the evidence necessary to prove domestic violence, our firm is committed to being by your side through every step. Help is only a phone call away.

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