Raleigh Child Support Attorneys

Raleigh Child Support Attorneys

Long after parents push through the turmoil of ending their personal relationship, clashes surrounding child support issues can continue to be a sore spot for families. For example, if your financial circumstances change, you may not be able to afford the child support you were ordered to pay. On the flip side, if the other parent is ignoring child support obligations, you may be under pressure to take action right away to get the money you need to raise your child.

Whether you are paying or receiving child support, it’s crucial to seek advice from an experienced and compassionate family law attorney when problems arise. The Raleigh child support lawyers at Charles R. Ullman & Associates have extensive experience and success in:

  • Negotiating child support agreements
  • Obtaining child support through court orders
  • Seeking modifications of child support agreements
  • Demanding enforcement of existing child support agreements or court orders
  • Pursuing retroactive child support payments
  • Identifying the tax benefits and penalties for different child support options

Our Raleigh child support law firm is dedicated to helping parents make it through these tough times. And the depth of our commitment to family law has been recognized with certification from the North Carolina State Bar’s Board of Legal Specialization. Mr. Ullman was one of fewer than 300 family lawyers in the state to receive this distinction at the time he earned certification.

Schedule a consultation with our dedicated legal team today to discuss how our Raleigh child support lawyers can make a difference in your case. For a general estimate of child support you may pay or receive, we encourage you to use our Child Support Calculator.

How Our North Carolina Child Support Attorneys Can Help

Whether you have custody of your child or not, you need to make arrangements for child support and stay informed about the circumstances that may affect your arrangement. Our dedicated Raleigh child support attorneys frequently help clients throughout the course of their arrangements to ensure their rights are protected.

Some of the ways in which we provide help for parents with child support include:

MediationMediation: Our attorneys represent parents going through divorce to help reach a child support agreement through mediation. The non-custodial parent may agree to make certain weekly or monthly payments or agree to transfer property as a form of financial support. This agreement can then be incorporated into a court order.

Court OrderCourt Order: If you and the other parent cannot reach an agreement during a breakup, our attorneys can help you file a claim for a child support court order. This can be done as part of a separation, divorce, or annulment action or by filing a separate civil action.

ModificationsModifications: Our lawyers help parents obtain modification of child support payments for a variety of reasons. For instance, one parent may be making significantly less (or more) now than at the time of the original agreement or order. The child’s circumstances may have changed, or the parent responsible for paying may have had another child. We also may be able to argue that the terms of the agreement simply are unjust and unreasonable given your circumstances.

Failure to Pay Child SupportFailure to Pay Child Support: If your former partner fails to pay child support, our experienced attorneys may pursue a number of options on your behalf. These could range from filing a breach of contract to garnishment of the parent’s wages. The former partner could also be held in contempt of court, lose the title to real property, lose certain license privileges, or face criminal punishment.

Retroactive Child SupportRetroactive Child Support: If you did not establish a child support agreement originally, it may be possible to seek retroactive child support. It is best to ask if our attorneys can help you pursue payments dating back three years, as allowed by North Carolina law prior to settling child support.

Visitation RightsVisitation Rights: Visitation rights and child support are two separate issues under the law, and you cannot refuse to honor one as punishment for problems with the other. If your former partner is not following child support or child custody orders, our compassionate attorneys can work with you to compel the other parent to comply.

Despite divorce or breakups, people who share a child tend to be bound for life. Although child support obligations generally end when the child turns age 18, those obligations may continue under certain circumstances. And just as circumstances change, your child support needs and obligations may change over time.

The dedicated North Carolina child support attorneys at Charles R. Ullman & Associates are committed to seeing you and your children through this process. Contact us today to learn how our understanding and compassionate legal team can help with your case.

How Is Child Support Calculated in North Carolina?

Child support is a financial duty shared by both parents. However, North Carolina law does not impose “equal duties” of support on both parents. Instead, the law takes into consideration the “reasonable needs” of the child and the “relative abilities” of the parents to pay support.

When presented with your child support claim, the court will calculate the amount by using the North Carolina Child Support Guidelines. The court will also use a child support worksheet that is based on the type of child custody arrangement you have – sole, joint or split.

The primary factors the court will use to determine the amount will include:

  • Both parents’ incomes and potential incomes, including IRAs and stock options
  • The child’s past, present and future expenses, including daycare, dental, medical, education and maintenance expenses such as food, clothing and shelter
  • The child’s extraordinary medical expenses
  • The accustomed standard of living of the parents and child

Depending on the child’s “reasonable needs” and whether the guideline amount meets or exceeds those needs, the court may ultimately depart from the guidelines.

To get an estimate of the child support in your case, use our Child Support Calculator.

You can also review the North Carolina child support worksheet that is relevant to your case, although we recommend working with one of our attorneys to ensure your case is handled properly:

Keep in mind: When seeking child support, you may also be entitled to an award of attorney fees from the court.

We Help Fathers and Mothers with Child Support Problems

Every family is different, and men are not always the ones ordered to pay child support. In fact, more women are paying child support to ex-partners who have custody of the children, according to a survey from the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers.

Our firm works with both men and women who need help handling child support issues.