Some Domestic Violence Deaths Come With No Warning

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Some-Domestic-Violence-Deaths-Come-With-No-Warning-ImageNorth Carolina officials recently reported that homicides due to domestic violence are growing in the state. But police in Greensboro have discovered a disturbing trend.

According to the Greensboro News & Record, most domestic violence-related deaths have traditionally occurred at homes where police had been called many times. Now officers say that the homicides are happening at addresses where domestic violence has never been reported.

Capt. Mike Richey said that in the past it was not uncommon for law enforcement to respond to reports at homes seven to 10 times before a homicide. But the five domestic violence-related deaths in Greensboro this year came with no prior warning. The youngest victim was an unborn child.

Many people assume domestic violence homicides mainly involve spouses or dating couples. But family members, such as children or siblings, are involved more often than one might expect.  Forty-six percent of domestic violence homicides in North Carolina involve household members, according to the state Department of Justice. The first domestic violence victim in Greensboro this year was a 14-year-old who was shot five times by his mother. She later committed suicide.

Domestic violence remains among the most under reported crimes in the nation. Laws in North Carolina require police to make an arrest when they are called to a residence regarding domestic violence. But many victims are afraid to call police because they fear retribution from their abusers – and an arrest may trigger even more violence once the perpetrator is out of jail.

However, breaking the cycle of violence is critical. An attorney who specializes in family law and domestic violence can help you learn about your options in a safe and confidential setting. For a consultation with one of the compassionate lawyers at the Raleigh family law practice of Charles Ullman & Associates, call 888-975-0465 or use our contact form.

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