Violence Against Women Act Receives Congressional Approval

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The U.S. Congress approved an expanded version of the Violence Against Women Act last week, providing funding to help prosecute domestic violence and sexual assault cases. The act now awaits President Obama’s signature to become law.

The Violence Against Women Act was established in 1994, but it expired in 2011, leaving its future in question. Republicans and Democrats struggled to find a compromise over some parts of the legislation.

The Violence Against Women Act provides funding to help prosecute domestic violence and sexual assault cases and provide community resources for victims of abuse. Supporters of the bill sought to expand its reach not only to same-sex couples, but also to Native Americans.

North Carolina Kay Hagan applauded passage of VAWA in a press release.

“VAWA serves as a lifeline for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault in North Carolina and across the country,” said Hagan. “This reauthorization updates and improves VAWA to better protect women and children, and I’m pleased that it includes my provision to help health care providers treat and respond to violence and abuse. Victims cannot wait another day for this reauthorization, and thankfully the House finally passed the bill today on a bipartisan basis.”

For more information about the Violence Against Women Act, the White House provides a fact sheet for the public.

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